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HIYC Cruise Events

Our boats don't grow beards!

There is always something new going on at Hayden Island Yacht Club. Our scheduled hosted events include cruising events and club meetings. For a full list of all upcoming events, please take a look below. If you would like to host an event, please get in touch with the Fleet Captain. Hayden Island Yacht Club offers a full year of events and activities in the Portland and Puget Sound regions.

2024 Cruise Schedule_page-0001.jpg

These are the Cruise Event Expense Forms. You may click on and download a fully functional spreadsheet or click on the PDF to print and fill in with pen. Click on the bottom PDF for an example if you need guidance.

Expense Spreadsheet

Expense PDF

Expense Example

Guidelines for Event Expense Forms

Remember that the treasurer role is a volunteer role so make their jobs easy by following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Receipts are required for reimbursement!

  2. Keep your expense receipts separate from your personal receipts.

  3. Print / write legibly so you cut down on any additional clarifications needed by the treasurer.

  4. You may e-mail the expense sheet and scanned copies of receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement instead of mailing. Ensure you keep the original receipts until you have received the reimbursement check from the treasurer. Coordinate with the treasurer and submit the attached digital forms and receipts in the preferred PDF format. Most Office Suite software like Microsoft Office and Open Office Org will save spreadsheets as a PDF format. Most scanners will also save as a PDF. Confirm with the Treasurer before taking photos of the receipts and expense form and attaching those images in an e-mail if that is your preferred method. 

  5. You may deduct any cash collected from the event from your expenditures total and net out the balance owed to you by HIYC. Itemize those funds in the GUEST FEES AND FUND GENERATING EVENTS: section and total funds collected in the CASH COLLECTED FROM GUEST FEES AND RAFFLE EVENTS: sections.  Coordinate with the treasurer if there are checks involved.

Thanks for volunteering to host an event!

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