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Are you searching for the right fit?

If you seek a club where the emphasis is on fun and the cruising experience, then you have found your club! We really like to use our boats! HICY is a cruising club. We pride ourselves on hosted cruises where members are encouraged to get out on the water and use their boats. We cruise year round and enjoy each others company . We hold regular club meetings where dinner is usually offered. Come join us and drastically improve the fun factor in your life!

A Premier Cruising Club!

Our Focus

HIYC is a club with a focus on hosting regular cruising functions. Most meetings are scheduled in the cooler months to free up time to enjoy the monthly cruise events. We are too busy cruising, and as such, funding a clubhouse just doesn't make good financial sense. We gather for meetings in centralized Portland metro locations on Hayden Island or at hosted cruising events.

Membership Fees

$165 / Semi-Annually + $50 Application Fee

The purpose of Hayden Island Yacht Club is to promote the general interest and safety in the sport of boating and to afford good fellowship among devotees of this form of recreation.

Use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and the Membership Officer or other Board Officer will contact you.

Testimonials from the Membership

Five Star Rating!

"We joined HIYC over twenty years ago. We had bought a new boat that would allow us to stay out over night. We had friends and family who belonged to the club and introduced us to yacht club life. Our kids have grown up boating with HIYC we have made many friends and have fond memories on the water. After many years of boating with the club and watching all of the officers efforts in making this a great club. I felt I should volunteer my time to help lead and move the club forward. What I like most about being part of the club is the camaraderie that we have among us. We always have a great time at our functions on and off the water. I have been boating all of my life from Sailing to power boats,there is something very special about being out on the water with the wind in your face going on the next adventure."
Mike H.

"I've always loved the water. Since I was born I've been fortunate to have boating be a part of my life. My family had a ski boat growing up where I learned to water ski at 7. Over the years we've had many different types of boats, I’ve even fished on a fishing boat in Alaska with my Dad. To me boating has many memories growing up and I continue to make memories with my own boys who have grown up in the club and on the water. We've enjoyed being a part of HIYC for over 20 years. We enjoy the friendships monthly Cruise and Opening day. We’ve made lifelong friends while enjoying the boating we love. Being the Fleet Captain over the last several years has been fun and exciting. Planning and organizing is my thing… In a way... I'm giving back to the club now that my boys are older. With the membership number much lower than past years, I feel driven to keep the club going as well and grow it and bring back some traditions that have slipped over the years. I want the club to thrive and grow so other families can have fun making boating memories like I've been able to enjoy."
Lori F.

"I joined Hayden Island Yacht Club in 1991 when I met my husband Bob Leisse, he's been a member since 1987. What a great extended family I joined. It was a wonderful childhood for our boys. They learned respect for so many things but most importantly for water safety. They were quickly skippering their own dinghy and loving their water adventures. What memories will we will have of those days. I am fortunate to share those old memories and make new ones with our grandsons with this yacht club family.
The club has evolved over the years, but with great family values it remains strong. We have stayed involved over the years based on the friendships we have built. I have held several offices over the years and I'm now once again their Treasurer? Being able to volunteer for an organization that has been such a focal point in my life has afforded me to pay it forward to those families yet to join us and thrive in this life's experience.
We are always looking for new members, I hope you give us a chance to change your families lives and give you and yours great family memories out on the water with your new extended family."
Kim L.

"I've been a member since 1987....many of the members from back then are gone, but I've got great memories from each of them. It's a great extended family. And what knowledge they all had/have.
If your contemplating a Yacht Club, this is a great one to join. Friendships will be made and boating knowledge will be gained."

"While on a weekend cruise to Pilot Rock with the club, I witnessed and participated in helping a fellow boater in distress. A Captain and his Admiral were approaching the state dock in heavy current. They were unable to free their boat from a precarious position and members of our club immediately recognized the dilemma and jumped to assist. We were able to help free and position the boat and crew in a safe area for the weekend. Needless to say the captain and admiral were very appreciative. They were invited to join us for the weekend festivities and as a result became members of the club. This willingness to help and be inviting is a characteristic of of club which we recognized early on and have tried to pay it forward. We are not pretentious, value all for what they bring to our boating family, and enjoy each other as we navigate the waters of the Columbia River and beyond."
Robert G.

"Hayden Island Yacht Club's motto "Friendliest Club on the River" proved to be true, as I met and got to know it's members back in 2001. My husband and I joined as soon as we were sponsored, and have never looked back. The monthly cruises brought exceptional fun for us, as well as for our children, and we were treated like family by even the eldest of members.
Over the last fifteen years, there have been many changes, but one thing that has never changed, has been the warmth and acceptance extended to everyone HIYC meets. Large boats, small boats, older couples, younger families, and single folks too, everyone is welcome and everyone is treated equally. There are no differences between us, only similarities... the love of boating."
Christine S.

"We have been members of other yacht clubs, and HIYC is the best fit for us. All the members are friendly, and the Cruises are really fun events!"

Staff and Adele 

Come join us and be part of the fun!

Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you are interested in membership, choose the Membership link at the top of the page for more information.


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